How Does Direct Inspect Help Our Senior Community?

senior community home inpsection

Here in South Florida, senior communities are abundant and thriving. Many senior citizens come to Florida for the beautiful weather, the outdoor activities and general relaxation but relocating from another city or state can be expensive. Finding all the necessities like assisted living, transportation, housekeeping, social activities and healthcares facilities all in one area is difficult and Direct Inspect understands that.

Direct Inspect offers senior citizen discounts to help offset the costs and stress of moving into a new home or condominium. Our services include home inspections, condominium inspections, mobile home inspections and insurance inspections will help ease the burden of cost and provide you with a thorough report. A home inspection will help identify potential health and safety hazards that may be covered up or unknown. Expensive replacement items like the air conditioner, water heater or even the roof will be inspected and advised on condition and age. Once the inspection is complete, Nicholas the owner will conduct a face to face summary of the inspection to answer any questions.

55+ Communities want to enjoy spending time with their families, eating good food and relaxing by the pool. Direct Inspect wants to help expedite the process by providing excellent prices and quality professionalism for the home inspection process. Contact us today to see why we stand by our motto, “Traditional Values in Present Times”. 561-777-2005. Don’t forget, HOA’s (Homeowners Associations) may be responsible for many exterior elements of your home or condo!

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