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Insurance inspections are evaluations of a property, typically a home or commercial building, that are conducted by a home inspector to assess the risk of insuring the property. The purpose of insurance inspections is to determine the condition and overall safety of a property, as well as to identify any potential hazards or areas of concern. Based on the results of the inspection, insurance companies can determine the likelihood of damage or loss, and set insurance premiums accordingly.

Types of Insurance Inspections:

  • Wind Mitigation Inspection: This inspection determines the wind resistance of a home or building. The inspector will look for features such as roof shape, roof-to-wall attachments, roof decking type, roof covering type and how well your windows and doors are protected. The purpose of this inspection is to help insurance companies determine the risk of damage from windstorms, which can help homeowners save money on their insurance premiums.
  • 4 Point Inspection: A 4-point inspection is required by the insurance companies when writing or renewing a policy. The four points that are typically inspected include the roof, electrical system, heating and cooling systems and plumbing. The purpose of the inspection is to assess the overall condition and age of the systems to help determine the risk of loss for the insurance company.
  • Citizens Roof Certification: This type of inspection is specific to the state of Florida and is required by the state-run insurance company Citizens. It is a comprehensive roof inspection that assesses the overall condition of the roof, including the age, materials and general condition. The purpose of this inspection is to determine the risk of loss to the insurance company, and to ensure that the roof meets the minimum standards set by the state.

Each of these inspections is designed to help insurance companies determine the risk of loss associated with a particular property and to help homeowners get the best possible coverage at the most affordable prices  
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