What Does the HVAC Inspection Consist of in a Home Inspection?

What Are HVAC Inspections?


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The home inspector will conduct a thorough visual inspection of the air conditioning system to report that the system is functioning properly and efficiently while also noting signs of physical damage to the system. 

The inspector will begin by turning the air conditioning system on at the thermostat and drop the temperature low enough to keep the system on for a majority of the inspection. This allows for the system to activate and remain on to make sure the system operates consistently at least for the duration of the inspection. 

The inspector will then locate the condenser outside and do a visual inspection looking for signs of physical damage, proper strapping, age, size and general performance of the unit. If the unit is a split system, the inspector will then locate the air handler which is usually located inside the garage, interior closet or the attic. 

The air handler is observed by checking the filter, coils, age and to make sure the unit is not leaking profusely other than healthy condensation. It is important to note that air handlers and condensers are not always replaced at the same time which may affect any warranties that may be in place!

Once the condenser and air handler are inspected, the home inspector will record the air temperatures coming in and out of the system to determine if a proper temperature differential is being met. A thermal camera or other devices may be used for an accurate measurement. 

Last but not least, the inspector will traverse the attic where possible to note the condition of the air ducts to identify any damage or kinks in the lines that may negatively affect the performance of air flow. 

It is important to have your HVAC system routinely serviced by a licensed HVAC technician and your air filters changed. 

Here in South Florida, air conditioning systems work hard. Direct Inspect is here to help you better understand the condition of your air conditioning unit so you stay cooler longer. 

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