Pool and Spa Inspections

pool and spa inspection

The Pool and Spa Inspection service is a comprehensive assessment of the condition of the pool and/or spa and the pump equipment. The home inspector will begin to familiarize themselves with the surrounding pool environment from a distance to ensure there are no readily apparent hazards before approaching the pool. Hazards such as low lying power lines, uneven decking or lack of a safety fence are items that an inspector will notate in his or her inspection report.

The pool’s surface and decking will be inspected for any physical damage or settlement cracking. Pools and spas need to be resurfaced at a certain age as a part of maintenance. The home inspector will note any staining, rust marks or efflorescence on the pool’s surface indicating surface failures. The coping and tiles will also be inspected for damage.

Once the pool, spa and decking have been visibly inspected, the home inspector will begin their assessment of the pool pump, plumbing system, heater, filter and any accessories present. Visible damage and leaks are the primary suspects in faulty pool equipment so the home inspector will be keeping an eye out for these types of deficiencies.

Don’t forget!, the pool is a large body of water usually next to your home, your home inspector will be looking to make sure the decking is sloped properly or if the presence of a drainage system is in place. It is very important if the pool overflows for any reason that the water is directed away from the home.

Once the pool and spa inspection is complete. A report will be generated and the inspector will explain their findings. If necessary, a pool specialist may be recommended to further evaluate any issues that exceed the home inspectors reach. It’s better to provide the correct assistance or advice rather than leave it up to chance. Direct Inspect provides professional pool and spa inspections from a South Florida native who knows a thing or two about pools.

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