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Roof Inspections In South Florida

Home inspectors will typically begin inspecting the roof as soon as they pull into the driveway or parking lot. Even from the driveway an inspector can begin to identify key features of a roof such as the shape and the roof covering. 

The home inspector may choose to walk the roof or use a remote camera drone. If the conditions are safe regarding the weather, height of the roof and general accessibility, the inspector will walk the roof. Safety is the first priority when inspecting a roof- never walk backwards on a roof and always double check that your ladder is secure and stable. 

Once atop the roof, the inspector will begin to identify signs of physical damage, wood rot, ponding, deterioration and soft spots in the decking. The inspector will also begin to formulate an estimate of the roof age if not already determined by researching the building permits. The home inspector will take many photos and may even record a video to help demonstrate his or her findings for the report. There is only so much that an inspector can see from the topside of the roof…

The interior ceiling of the home will also give clues to roof issues as well. Ceiling staining can often come from a leaky roof which gives the inspector a good idea of where the leak may be coming from. Thermal cameras and moisture probes are excellent tools to help determine if leaks are active or if moisture is present but not visible to the naked eye. Now that the inspector has observed and scanned the ceilings, it’s now time to head into the attic.

The attic is a great place to find leaks, wood rot and other forms of observable damage. The home inspector will carefully scan all visible areas of the attic taking special note of the valleys and the eves where leaks are more likely to occur.  Note that a perfect time for a roof inspection is when it’s raining! If the roof has an active leak the rain will surely help the inspector identify it. In addition to rain, carefully running a hose up to the roof will have a similar effect.

Roof inspections are important because the roof is your first line of defense from exterior conditions. If you take your roof away, your home won’t feel much like home! Scheduling routine roof inspections can help avoid costly repairs and headaches. Direct Inspect is happy to inspect your roof with the latest technology, information and extensive reports that will give you a peace of mind. 

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