What is a “Walk and Talk” Inspection? 

A “walk and talk” inspection or a “walk-through” inspection is a less formal, less comprehensive type of home inspection that is conducted by a Home Inspector. Unlike the traditional home inspection, which involves a more detailed examination of the property, a walk and talk inspection is a more casual tour of the home, during which the inspector points out any potential issues they notice. This type of inspection is often less expensive and takes less time to conduct.

During a walk and talk inspection, the home inspector will walk through the home with the buyer or seller and point out any visible defects or potential problems. They will provide general advice and recommendations during the walk through but will not provide an actual  report. It is encouraged for the buyer, seller or agent to take their own notes!

Walk and talk inspections are often used as a preliminary step in the home buying or selling process to help identify any major issues that may need to be addressed before a more thorough inspection is conducted. This type of inspection is useful for buyers or sellers who are looking for a quick assessment of the overall condition of the property or who may not have the time or resources for a full home inspection.

It is important to note that a walk and talk inspection is not a substitute for a full formal home inspection. Not all home buying/ selling scenarios are the same. The walk and talk inspection helps provide an alternative route for your inspection needs. Walk and talk inspections can be great for properties in good or bad condition, speak to your home inspector to find out if the “walk and talk” inspection is right for your particular needs.

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