What is a Mobile Home or Manufactured Home Foundation Certification?

inspection for manufactured mobile homes

A mobile home foundation certification is a document that verifies that the foundation of a mobile or manufactured home meets the standards set by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) or other applicable codes. This certification is typically required by lenders, appraisers, and/or insurance companies before financing, insuring, or appraising a mobile or manufactured home.

Mobile homes are designed to be moved, and as a result, they are not typically built with a traditional foundation like a site-built home. Instead, they are usually built on a chassis with wheels and a hitch, and then placed on a foundation that supports the weight of the home.

A mobile home foundation certification ensures that the foundation meets the required standards for stability, durability, and safety. The certification process typically involves an inspection by a licensed professional engineer or a qualified inspector who will examine the foundation and provide a report indicating that it meets the appropriate standards.

In summary, a mobile home foundation certification provides assurance to lenders, appraisers, and insurance companies that the foundation of the mobile or manufactured home is safe and meets the applicable codes and standards. Lenders will often request a foundation certificate for refinancing too.

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